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Paul Dickson Books

Paul Dickson Books is an independent Publishing House in Norwich, working with Norfolk writers. 

Paul Dickson is also an independent tour guide offering guided tours in Norwich and the Broads National Park.

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Flights of Fancy?

Flights of Fancy?  Poems 1991-2023 by Steven Foyster


The Faces of the Fiend of Breydon

The Faces of the Fiend of Breydon - A Victorian psychological thriller by Charles Reader


Flat and Boring There Isn't It?

Flat and Boring There Isn't It?  A celebration of life in the Lincolnshire Fens by Amanda Pearson


Under Cover of Day by Tim Lenton

 Award-winning Norwich poet, Tim Lenton presents a new collection of his work, Under cover of day.


Joseph Crompton: A Journey of Faith by Nicholas Groves

 Church historian, Nicholas Groves uncovers the remarkable ecclesiastical career in Norwich of Victorian churchman, Joseph Crompton.


Tell me about the farm Grandad by Janet Collingsworth

Tell me about the farm Grandad, A 1960s Norfolk childhood is a new memoir by Aylsham resident, Janet Collingsworth.


Cry to be Heard! by Steven Foyster

On May 16, 1986, Steven Foyster jumped off the top of St Andrew's Car Park in Norwich, incredibly, he survived.


Anglian Annals, More Moments in Time by Peter Sargent

Come on a whistle stop tour of East Anglian history with Peter Sargent, as he presents 50 more short stories guaranteed to both entertain and inform.


Peter Sargent's Moments in Time

Box Set - Three books that bring East Anglian history to life


A Place in History, 50 more East Anglian moments in time by Peter Sargent

Join author Peter Sargent on a 2,000-year journey through East Anglia's colourful and varied history


A Moment in Time by Peter Sargent

50 Stories that bring East Anglian history to life.


Ink in my Blood - My half century in newspapers by Neil Haverson

Finalist East Anglian Book Awards 2018, Biography and Memoir. Join Neil Haverson on his 50-year ride through the Norfolk and Suffolk newspaper industry


On The Edge by Tony Ashman

On The Edge - Will Alice Trust Her Instincts To Unravel The Truth?  A novel by Tony Ashman. 


Molly Moo the independent cow by Sandra Derry

Molly Moo the independent cow, is a children's book for ages 3-8 written and illustrated by Norfolk artist Sandra Derry.


Curly Sheep's Bad Hair Day by Sandra Derry

Curly Sheep's Bad Hair Day. Debut children's book from Norwich author, Sandra Derry


Ink in my blood, My half century in newspapers by Neil Haverson - audiobook

Listen to Neil Haverson's 50-year ride through the Norfolk and Suffolk media industry, read by 'Brat Minor', Nick Haverson and with an introduction to Neil's 'greatest hits' from 'Brat Major'. The audiobook comprises 3 CDs. 


The Lighter Side of the Lockdown

Poems by Linda Marie Augood, Kathryn Bryant, Vee Pond and Carol Saunders in aid of ICU at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust. 


My Word! The stories behind our favourite words by Peter Sargent

Author Peter Sargent provides an entertaining and informative safari through the jungle of our evolving language.



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