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Chris Crowther Taleweaver

Dastardly deeds are not something you automatically associate with Norfolk, but local author Chris Crowther has gone even further and used the tranquil magic of Broadland as the setting for his series of whodunits. The sleuth in these stories is Jack Fellows, a navigation ranger with the Broads Authority, who spends his days patrolling the waterways, assisting boaters and enforcing the river by-laws. Like many rangers, he has a police background, in his case as a Detective Superintendant with Scotland Yard, and a copper’s instinct that looks beyond the carefree boating to a rather more sinister world of strange happenings and questionable deaths. 

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Pursuit by Chris Crowther, a flying thriller set in WW1



Steam and Mystery with Jack Fellows on the Broads


Still Waters

A girl inherits a boatyard from her grandfather . . . except she’s never heard of either before in her life.


Water Under the Bridge

How do you solve a crime that had to be impossible in the first place?


Murky Waters

The simple contents of a long-lost handbag lead down a trail that becomes ever murkier.


Dead in the Water

Could a despised new landowner really be the victim of a time-slip?



A brutal murder, but the police soon have their man . . . or have they?


The Water Frolic

A joint endeavour might just reconcile two very different communities, until . .



Timecruiser is a must-read for any nine–to-ninety-year-old voyagers prepared to cross the boundaries of time and credibility.   



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