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As 21st May 2022 marks 11 years since Tia's Treasures began we thought it would be a good time to announce our fundraising plans for Tia's Treasures 11th Birthday.

Over the past 11 years the Tia's Treasures Team have fundraised for a number of charities, deserving causes and individuals in a number of ways such as family fun day events, raffles, sponsored hair dyes and hair shaves, fancy dress sponsored walks etc.

The event that has raised the largest amount to date was the Tia's Treasures 2nd Birthday Fundraiser which was held at The Cliff Hotel, Gorleston in May 2013 and raised £1,500. 

Each year we would fundraise to celebrate Tia's Treasures Birthday with the plan to go bigger than ever for Tia's Treasures 10th Birthday May 2021, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic we were limited on what event we could organise therefore although we did manage to fundraise for the East Of England Ambulance Service we hadn't achieved our goal of going bigger and better than previous years.

Wednesday, 25 August 2021 00:00

Tia's Treasures Kindness Ninja's

The Tia's Treasures Kindness Ninja's are not only out and about in our local area regularly hiding Random Acts of Kindness for people to find to make them smile they also choose people at random every now and then to receive a random gift through the post such as a plaques with inspirational quotes, sweet treats, toys etc. 

Who will be next? It could be you.... yes you!

No act of kindness is ever too small and kindness is contagious. 

To find out more or to nominate someone for a Random Act of Kindness please visit http://TiasTreasures.net/KindnessNinjas/

Sunday, 25 April 2021 00:00

Tia's Treasures 10th Birthday

On 21st May Tia's Treasures will be celebrating 10 years of fundraising and participating in Random Acts of Kindness.

Over the 10 years over £10,000 has been raised for charities, deserving causes and individuals and 20 Seizure Alarms and 13 Fingertip Pulse Oximeters have been fully funded.

Tia was just 6 when Tia's Treasures began which is a year older than the age of Tommy one of her brothers. 

Tommy (5) and Toby (3) are following in Tia's footsteps when it comes to creativity, dedication, determination and selflessness they have already created their '999 Challenge' where they sent 999 letters, photos and drawings to Ambulance Stations over the UK which featured on the BBC News, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers.

Tia has decided to help Tommy and Toby keep showing their love and appreciation of the Ambulance Service by encorporating their latest project 'Norfolk Nee Nors'  with the Tia's Treasures 10th Birthday Fundraising plans.

As today (30th March 2021) marks 3 years since Toby's first of 5 Ambulance rides in less than 2 month resulting in an Epilepsy diagnosis so we thought now would be as good of a time as any to announce our fundraising plans for Tia's Treasures 10th Birthday.

It was on this day 3 years ago where Tommy and Toby's love, respect and appreciation of Ambulances began.

As a Family we have always had total love, respect and appreciation for the Ambulance Service and its Staff as well as all of our front line Heroes and not forgetting our amazing NHS but it's when you require their services that makes you realise just how much love, respect and appreciation you have.

As a Team we have thought long and hard about how we could celebrate the Tia's Treasures 10th Birthday by fundraising for East of England Ambulance Service Trust and as much we would have loved to have organised a large scale Fundraiser as we have in previous years given the current situation with Covid 19 this just isn't possible therefore we have decided to incorporate Tommy and Toby's Norfolk Nee Nors into our fundraising plans which means we will not only raise funds but raise smiles too.

Sunday, 31 January 2021 00:00

Norfolk Nee Nors

To show their love of Ambulances and their appreciation for the Ambulance Service, Tommy and Toby from Tia's Treasures have been busy creating Norfolk Nee Nors with the help of their older Siblings Alex, Tia, Adam and Jamie.

Norfolk Nee Nors are Ambulance shapes made from clay and Ambulances painted onto rocks which are then varnished and hidden for you to find.

The Norfolk Nee Nors will start their journey in our home town of Gorleston On Sea, Norfolk and with your help they will begin to travel further a field.

If you come across either a clay Norfolk Nee Nor or a Norfolk Nee Nor rock you are more than welcome to keep it or re-hide it to see how far it can travel, what ever you decide please share a photo with the group tag us on Instagram @NorfolkNeeNors .


In 2011 when Tia was just 6 she set up Tia's Treasures fundraising for various charities by selling her handmade keyrings and bracelets and within 5 years over £10,000 had been raised.

Nearly 10 years on and Tia's Treasures is still going strong, we have just funded our 20th Seizure Alarm.

The Tia's Treasures Team which consists of Mum (Lisa), Dad (Richard), Alex (17), Tia (15), Adam (12), Jamie (10), Tommy (4) and Toby (3) have been fundraising for various charities, deserving and individuals as well as participating in lots of Random Acts of Kindness.

Throughout 2020 we sent Random Acts of Kindness as a much needed morale boost as well as to show our appreciation to Ambulance Stations, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Bus Stations, Hospitals, Dental Surgeries, GP Surgeries, Schools, Nurseries and many more.

Saturday, 21 November 2020 00:00

Random Acts of Kindness for Ambulances

Tommy (4) and Toby (3) have been busy drawing pictures and writing letters (with Mum's help) to send to as many Ambulance Stations as they can as part of Hit the Ambulance - a Facebook Group that began in February 2020 which encourages people to hit Ambulances with Random Acts of Kindness (and as many other services that need recognition, appreciation and a morale boost).

Toby was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2018 after 5 Ambulance rides, Asthma in 2019 and a Chromosome Deletion in 2020, he is due to have an over night stay at Addenbrookes Hospital for a Video EEG, MRI and Lumbar Puncture for his Epilepsy and Dystonia.

As a Family we have a great amount of appreciation not just for the Ambulance Service but the NHS as a whole as well as all Keyworkers not just through out the current Corona Virus Pandemic but all the time, we have sent Random Acts of Kindness to Police Stations, Fire Stations, Bus Stations, Dental Surgeries, GP Surgeries, Schools, Nurseries etc and some have even got in touch to say Thank you which has given Tommy and Toby more of a boost to continue.

Saturday, 05 September 2020 00:00

Tia's Treasures Random Act of Kindness

The Tia's Treasures Team are well known not only for fundraising but for participating in Random Acts of Kindness.

With the imminent return to College, School and Toby due to start Nursery the past couple of weeks has been spent making sure all uniforms are ready for the return after almost 6 months due to the Corona Virus.

Whilst unable to attend or organise any fundraising events other than Lisa braving the shave for Young Epilepsy Random Acts of Kindness have still been something we've continued with as we believe they are needed more than ever right now.

Sunday, 07 June 2020 00:00

Fundraising News from Tia's Treasures

Tia's Treasures Young Epilepsy JustGiving Page is currently at 80% of our £1000 target.

We had planned to hold a Fundraising event of some kind to celebrate Tia's Treasures 9th Birthday on 21st May to hopefully reach our target but due to the current situation with Covid 19/Corona Virus this unfortunately wasn't possible.

We have been thinking of ways how we could raise the last £200 to achieve our £1000 target from the comfort of our home and I have decided to brave the shave, I've dyed my hair purple many times since 2018 for Epilepsy Awareness so why not go that step further to raise funds?

The Tia's Treasures Team are proud to be a part of a new game called Hit the Ambulance, it doesn't involve physically hitting ambulances as the name may suggest but its all about showing our appreciation to the Ambulance Crew by leaving notes of appreciation and gifts on the windscreens of Ambulances.

A group has been set up on Facebook by a lady called Tracy from Leicester and within 3 days reached over 10k members, as a Raktivist through the work we do with Tia's Treasures I've been invited to become an Admin on the Hit the Ambulance Gamers Facebook Group.  The facebook group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/500377094231257/

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