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Mila Falls

Written by  Simon Alcock
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Mila Falls

Mila Falls started writing songs at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since!

Mila used to be a pupil of the Hewett School in Norwich, has a degree in music production, ran a music venue for 2 years, acted as a live sound engineer for touring acts and produced music for a play. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Mila supported Ringo Starr a few months ago, has worked as a session singer, is currently working on her debut album which will be out later this year and has flirted with a couple of well- known TV shows. Oh yes, our Mila is a bit of a smarty pants. Make yourself comfortable, fasten your seatbelts and join me on a journey through the wonderful world of Mila Falls. 

SA   I'd heard a few comments about some weird stuff appearing in the video for debut single 'Party in the stars'

MF   We had space aliens.  That was such a fun four day shoot. It was a bit like when you play under a table at about the age of 5 and you pretend you're in a space ship, I actually had a life-sized space ship built. Me and the director dreamed it up.  I put my ideas for costumes down and a fabulous  designer made them into reality. At the time I came up with a few ideas which I thought would just be used as the first stage of the design process, but they were used as the final thing, so there I was at the shoot and all these dancers were wearing all the costumes I designed. The golden boobs on the jump suits were hilarious; there are going to be a lot of pictures of those....

SA  So if everything takes off and a couple of years down the line you find yourself headlining somewhere like the O2 arena, what sort of set would you design?

MF   I'd like to be able to snowboard  in. I'd love to have a Jetpack one day and fly around, that would be brilliant. Let's see how much they cost, they're on the wish list. And penguins

SA   Penguins with Jetpacks?

MF   Now that would be a super idea. Maybe gold penguins with Jetpacks?  There's lots of crazy ideas that haven't been done yet.  I want to recreate when I played a gig on a motorway when the traffic had stopped. I'd like to have everyone on stage driving little cars, have a crash, then get everyone out to perform the gig.

SA   There's a clip of that gig on You Tube. The thing that struck about that incident is that if I'd driven up to Manchester to play a gig and found myself stuck on a motorway at 3am, I would be swearing like there is no tomorrow. What I would not do is start jumping around singing and being happy!

MF   We got the lorry behind us to light up the road and we got everyone out of their cars to clap along so we had a little audience. I was asleep when we stopped. My guitarist woke me up and said "Do you want to get out and do a gig". My response was "Are you mental?" but then I said "Fair enough, alright". I don't think I'll ever do that again until the day I die.

SA  How are you going to decide what is going to go on the album?

MF  There's going to be three sides to it; there's the Katie Perry type pop, some more urban dance stuff and a couple of acoustic tunes. There's going to be 13 songs and we've completely finished about 9 of them.  Its taken longer than I thought, but its all got to be right

SA   Will it just be released as one album?

MF    Yes. Its all pop, but it ranges from some pure cheesy pop to some more experimental dancey sounds. 

SA    There's a clip online of your song 'Glam Tramp'. Is that song about a specific person or that just a story?

MF     Its about a guy called Joey Love. I played a gig in Brighton where the night was compered by the most amazing transsexual I think the world has ever seen. He was almost like an alien, a different species. He had the most amazing made-up face and a PVC jump suit. He was so outrageous I just had to write a song about him, so I did.

SA      Has anyone given you a reaction to any of the songs you've made public? 

MF      Someone tweeted me the other day to say "Your song saved my life". Its insane, but I've been touched by loads of songs as I've been growing up that have literally changed my life. Without music I would be a very different person. Songs take you  on a different path sometimes and if you're in a really vulnerable stage in your life, which everyone gets to at some point, you'd hope something was there to save you. That can be a friend, it can be a song, but that's why I write music.

Even if I stopped making music today, I would be satisfied with what I've done so far. Its scary what some people will do to achieve fame. Whatever you do, you've got to keep a little bit of your soul intact

SA     Would you ever think about going on a reality show?

MF      I have!

SA      Which one?

MF      Britain's Got Talent

SA      What did you make of the experience 

MF      Its an odd world. I was invited to go, went, did it, sung my songs "Starlight" and "Party in the stars". I'm going to wait and see what they air as they filmed seven hours of me and I'll probably only be on the screens for about three seconds! It was a long day. I could have got onto  "The voice" this year as well. I'm going to be intrigued to see it ,as I got all the way through the auditions made it onto the show, then backed out.  I decided against that one as I couldn't do my own songs and its all about covers. I thought "What's the point of writing hundreds of songs then going on TV and singing a Rihanna cover?".  It's a bit pointless isn't it?  What's done is done. I wouldn't do things any differently.

No penguins were harmed during the recording of this interview!

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