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Invidia Voices

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Invidia Voices

Invidia Voices are a Rock, Pop and Soul Choir based in Norwich and across Norfolk. Allthingsnorfolk caught up with Laura Harrison from Invidia Voices to find out more:






Tell us a little bit about the history of Invidia Voices

Invidia Voices was set up back in December 2012 by husband and wife team Matt & Alex Emmerson who are a vocal coach and professional singer respectively. They started the choir with merely 22 members back in December and by the time March came, they had already hit 100 members.

It was set up primarily to ensure that people who enjoy singing get a chance to do so in a friendly and supportive environment without the need to audition or be able to read music. What it has become however, is the fastest growing and soulful sounding choir in Norwich and probably Norfolk in a very much in demand group for performances at charity balls, festivals, local events and even weddings.

For readers who are interested in joining Invidia Voices how do they go about it and what are the benefits of becoming members of Invidia Voices?

If you are interested in joining us, then we offer everybody a free taster session where you can come and experience one of our rehearsals absolutely free without any obligation. All you would need to do to book your free taster session is go to our website: and click on the “Book a Free Taster Session” Form. Just fill out the form telling us what date and location you prefer (at the moment we have 5 different groups across Norwich and Norfolk) and we will see you there on the night for you to try Invidia out.

At the end of the rehearsal, if you absolutely loved your experience then you will have the opportunity to fill out a registration form. If, however, you decide that Invidia Voices is not right for you at this moment, there is no pressure to join, no obligation and absolutely no charge, and we won’t take it personally. Honest!

What level of singing ability is required to Invidia Voices and what genre of music is covered by Invidia Voices?

Invidia Voices is a mixed ability choir. Within our group there are people who are absolute beginners and have never sung before, as well as others who are much more confident and have got some amateur or even professional singing experience.  However, you really do not need to be a great singer to join Invidia Voices. All that is required is for you to really enjoy singing and music and have a real desire to sing your heart out with a big group of like-minded people.

You do not need to sound like Adele or Freddie Mercury before you come and see us! We find that the supportive, friendly nature of our group helps with confidence and very often even the people who felt they had terrible voices or had trouble with confidence end up singing quite happily in the choir and sound absolutely fine with the help of our great choir masters and tutors. 

Tell us a little bit about the structure of a typical weekly Invidia Voices night. 

On a typical rehearsal you would start with a short warm up to ensure that the vocal chords are ready for what is expected of them. We would then go on to split you in different groups. For example, a group of sopranos for the ladies with higher voices, Alto’s for the ladies with lower voices and a men’s group made up of tenors, baritones basses. Your tutor would then teach each individual section their specific part. We would then put all the parts together.

There are normally six parts and we practice the arrangement until everyone feels confident and we are all happy with it. We always finish the rehearsal with a performance of the song up until where we’ve got to, to really show our members how great these arrangements sound when all the six parts are put together.

How does Invidia Voices differ from other Choirs?

Invidia voices is different from other choirs mainly because we do not tend to sing classical, religious or strictly choral pieces, but, being the Rock & Soul Choir, we prefer to pick numbers that are well-known hits from the biggest names in Soul, Motown, Rock and Pop. Some of the songs that we have covered this year for example, have been “Higher and Higher” by Jackie Wilson, “Ain’t no mountain high enough” by Marvin Gaye, “Everlasting Love” by the band Love Affairs as well as “Bring Me To Life”, a great pop-goth anthem by the band Evanescence and even “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

How does Invidia Voices link in with local businesses and fundraising groups?

Invidia Voices has performed at many events in the past year. Some of these events have been specifically charity fundraisers, and others have been business events. Some of the charities that we have supported during our first year were The Big C, Let’s Do It Anyway and Frankie Preston’s Journey. 

Tell us a little bit about hiring Invidia Voices for Weddings and special occasions

Even though Invidia Voices is a mixed ability group and anyone can join, in respective of their experience or singing ability, we were approached by many brides and grooms and were asked whether we would be happy to perform at their wedding. For that reason, we have created a smaller group within the choir called Invidia Pro that our members had to audition to be able to get into.

Out of our 200 members we have auditioned about 70 so far and 25 of our best singers have made it into Invidia Pro. This would be the choir that would come and sing at your wedding or corporate event. To find out more about hiring Invidia for your special event please go to and click on the tab: ‘Hire us for your wedding’.

Where have you performed Flash Mobs and which has been the best one to date?

Invidia Voices has performed many flash mobs and events at village fetes, charity balls, as well as a rock festival. We did a great flash mob for a rock festival in Martham called Vicfest, as well as performing a flash mob for the lord mayor’s celebration back in July. However, the flash mob on the 11th May just outside the forum is remembered particularly dearly by some of our members as it was our very first flash mob.

Share with us some of the places where Invidia Voices has performed over the past 12 months and what concerts have you lined up for the forthcoming 12 months

As mentioned above we have performed in 2012. Invidia Voices has performed at many events across Norwich and Norfolk. Some of these were the: Martham Carnival, the Lingwood village fete and flash mob for Harley Davidson 5th anniversary celebration.

We did a great flash mob at the Alan Partridge film campaign in the city centre, we performed live on BBC radio on 5 difference occasions, we did a flash mob for Magdalen gates primary school, another one at Bishops garden supporting The Big C, we did a great flash mob at a charity event for ‘Let’s Do It Anyway’ in molls and dolls 20’s style dress. We also did a very last minute flash mob at the Heartsease pub on the Heartsease roundabout to help the pub launch their new menu and performed at the concert for little Frankii, as well as many other village fete performances.

Coming up we have some very exciting performances such as a flash mob for the ‘Renewal of the wedding vows’ of one of our own Invidia family members but, for obvious reasons, we cannot share some of the flash mobs that we are performing. However, we are very excited about being the first ever choir to perform at the Waterfront with local rock band Wicked Faith at The Waterfront on Friday 8th of November. Also we are very proud to say that we are the chosen choir to switch on the Christmas lights in Norwich on Thursday 23rd of November around 6pm start. We will also be doing an evening of Christmas carol singing at the Heartsease pub on the 22nd of December and this is an evening open to all and the Heartsease pub have a Facebook page where you can find out more about this event.

If there was one place in Norfolk where Invidia Voices could perform a concert where would it be and why?

Invidia Voices has a dream. We would love to open one of the Norwich games. So our goal for 2014 is certainly to perform at Carrow Road. If anyone can help make this happen, please get in touch! 

If Invidia Voices could perform with one individual / band in the World who would you choose and why?

This is a tough one. There are so many great artists and bands around and certainly our members have extremely varied music taste however, we like to aim high so some of the names we are gonna throw out there are: Tom Jones, Adele, Beyonce and of course Stevie Wonder. Just give us a call and we’ll be there:)

Please click on the links below to see Invidia Voices in action

At the Forum part 1

At the Forum  part 2

Flashmob for Alan Partridge Campaign






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