Norfolk journalist and publicist Paul Thomas has just published his first novel – a romantic, mysterious fantasy called Changing Colours which deals with 15th and 21st century dramas and excitement.  Reviews suggest “a cracking read of rags-to-riches stardom, heady romance and ancient myth” – plus a “finale as unpredictable as it is intriguing.”

Nicoleta is born a simple Romanian village girl.  But from childhood, she is more – indeed in that country, her name translates to “a victor for the people.”  And she sets out to prove it when she targets the world – including by singing and winning over men.  And turning the evil of her country’s legendary vampire Dracula into 21st century goodness.
Hospitality skills help her to London where she meets PR man Mark who aids her quest, changing her image to that of Ilona, 15th century wife of Vlad the Impaler, factual inspiration of the fictitious Dracula. 
With Mark, and a rich, mysterious English Lord, entranced by her beauty, charm and singing, she inspires a new character for Romania.  And Dracula?  Can the world be persuaded he was good as well as bad?
She sings to international success – then tragedy, as she is betrayed.  And life changes.  Back to her village existence – and a new life, literally. But then suddenly, an even greater, exciting challenge… offering goodness and triumph.  Where now for Nicoleta?



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