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Enhance Massage is proud to offer its clients several massage therapies from their base in Wymondham, looking after customers from Wymondham, Norwich, and the local area in Norfolk. They provide both sports people and non-sports people with sports massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. So, whether you need to improve your performances, recover from an injury, have postural issues, or simply want to stay healthy then it’s worth getting in touch.

When you first visit Vicki Askew at the clinic in Wymondham, she will first conduct a thorough consultation and assessment of your requirements to ensure she provides the correct treatment.



So, what are the benefits of the sports massage and associated therapies provided by Enhance Massage? Well, they are numerous, so let’s have a closer look at the most important.

Improved Sporting Performance

For the more active people who regularly take part in sporting activities or gym goers, there are some obvious benefits to sports massage, hence the name. By working the muscles, skin, fascia, ligaments, tendons, and scar tissue, is enables the body to work more efficiently as you will increase strength, mobility, flexibility, and improved recovery time. Sports massage also helps to alleviate muscle soreness from over exertion and the small tears in the muscles fibres that are created during physical exercise.


Relaxation & Stress Relief

Even if you are not the sporting type then a sports massage can help you to reduce stress and be more relaxed in life. There a several reasons for this but the most important are that a) a massage releases the releases of the ‘happy chemical’, endorphins in the body, improving your mood, b) encourages the body to produce various stress releasing hormones, and c) helps to support the normal functioning of your nervous system.


Better Circulation & Lymphatic System Function

Sports massage also helps to keep good circulation and lymphatic system function, which are key to being generally healthy in your body. Massage helps in this area because it helps to remove lactic acid and other waste products from the body and blood supply, and therefore helps the body to process the good stuff (nutrients, vitamins etc.) and keep the body in homeostasis. 


Why Should You Visit Enhance Massage?

As you can see from the benefits listed above there are really not many people who wouldn’t feel the benefits of a sports massage and other therapies provided by Enhance Massage. Obviously, it is called sports massage for a reason, in that the way it’s done provides real demonstrable performance enhancing benefits to athletes, but even if you’re not the sporty type it really does help you to stay healthy. 

When Can You Visit Enhance Massage?

At the moment Vicki is open to customers 9 to 5 on Monday’s, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s, but we understand that she is also available for evening appointments and can be quite flexible to suit your schedule.

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